Overcome Fatigue + Increase Your Energy

Remote Coaching with Heather Biechy

Meet Heather

Jesus Follower. Wife to my best friend. Certified Health Coach. Big fan of mountains, sunshine, succulents + coffee! 

I work with overwhelmed women who are struggling with extreme fatigue. I help them feel free and alive again so they can flourish.

I am so grateful to be experiencing the healing effects of eating wholesome foods and living a life of simplicity and freedom. I have detoxed from much that was damaging to my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health after wrestling with eating disorders, extreme burnout, the darkness of depression, and paralyzing anxiety. 

God provided renewal and taught me about healing, rest, and joy. It changed my life to learn how to both gain and sustain energy— naturally and holistically.

Are you experiencing a similar season of hardship?

Are you wanting to live healthily in a way that is actually enjoyable + sustainable? 



What I Specialize In

Increase Energy Levels

Discover Optimal Foods For You

Grow In Managing Stress

Identify What Refills You

Personalized Action Plan

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Healthy living should be simple, sustainable, + enjoyable. Begin your Total Energy Transformation.

Stacey, Personal Coach at Becoming Health + Lifestyle Coaching

"Heather’s coaching has been a welcome and uplifting experience in my life. She is honest in where she comes from regarding her past health experiences and struggles. Her kindness, positivity, and dedication to my success guided me when I was feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and defeated."


Tara, Missionary with Life to Life College Ministry

"My time working with Heather was amazing! She is a dedicated and gifted coach. One of my biggest takeaways from this program was that basics can have a BIG impact. When I started I was struggling with burn-out, exhaustion, and discouraged with my overall level of wellness. Heather and I chose to focus on basics like improving my sleep, making healthier food choices and incorporating physical movement along with developing good daily routines. With her help, encouragement and guidance these small steps and focusing on the basics of wellness transformed my energy levels, physical and mental well-being, and overall quality of life. Heather is knowledgeable, understanding and a faithful friend and I highly recommend her coaching program!"

Jennifer, Missionary with Cru Deaf Ministry

“Heather walking me through this program has allowed me to recognize the significant things in my life I need to better prioritize (physical & mental health, rest, etc.). Doing so allows me to live a healthy and joyful lifestyle. Before, I was tired and over-burdened with everything I had to do. But now I have a healthier perspective on what matters in life, including my own mental health & energy, and using that to better love the people around me.”

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  • Increase your energy

  • Overcome exhaustion and improve your quality of life

  • Grow in decreasing and managing stress

  • Gain food freedom + stop chronic dieting

  • Learn which foods to eat and avoid for your unique body

  • Create lasting change