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Meet Heather

Certified Health + Lifestyle Coach

In the spring of 2018, I had recently returned from a year-long internship. It was a dreamy and dynamic year that consisted of traveling internationally to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for a non-profit ministry and meeting my amazing husband! Returning from the gap year internship was a whirlwind as I dove into my senior year of college. My heart was filled with precious memories of serving on missions overseas, excitement to be getting to know the man of my dreams and prayers, and to almost be finished with school. But, after constant moving, transition, and lack of self-care, I found myself struggling with burnout and depression as my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tanks had been emptied through chronic stress. 

I'll always remember and cherish a conversation that year with my dear friend, Brooke. After pouring out my heart to her and weeping together, she looked me in the eyes and asked me, "Do you know what your name means?" As a word enthusiast, I'd looked up my name several times, but hadn't ever found a very captivating definition until that day with Brooke. I searched online and found this new definition: 

Heather: a flowering evergreen plant that thrives on peaty barren lands as in Scotland

Wow. A flowering evergreen that thrives in barren lands. I don't typically think of much growth happening in barren lands, but in learning about how the heather flower grows, I realized I had an opportunity to flourish even in the barren lands I found myself in. More healing and growth would occur in those barren lands than ever before in my life.


I really believe that God used my dear friend to remind me that no matter how empty, lost, lethargic, disconnected, depleted, or alone I felt, I was known, not alone, and my worth was secure. I was not defined by my achievements or appearance. God gave me a deep peace within and reminded me that He would carry me and be my Light no matter how scary the darkness felt.


I have had the blessing of learning about how to heal from eating disorders, trauma, burnout, anxiety, and depression. I have also discovered how to support my body in a wholesome way with quality food, sleep, movement, and more that I look forward to and enjoy.


Like the heather flower for which I was named, I learned that there is an opportunity to thrive rather than just survive in the barren lands that feel desolate and dry.

Today, my passion is to support other women experiencing similar struggles, celebrating the beauty and purpose of their unique story, and helping them to nourish naturally and flourish from whatever hardship they are facing.


I believe healing and maintaining good health is about making supportive lifestyle changes that are simple, sustainable, and enjoyable! It would be my honor to listen to your story and see if there is some way I could support you!

Image by Sean Paul Kinnear
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