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  1. grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.


  1. a 6-month private coaching experience

  • Are you feeling burnt out from going non-stop? 

  • Do you have a harsh inner critic about your image?

  • Do you fear letting others down in saying more ‘no’s’?

  • Do you feel defeated even in the face of blooming progress?


This experience is designed for women who desire to create a lifestyle fueled by their faith that infuses and inspires every area of their life. It radically changes our attitude and perspective towards wellness when the heart behind it is honoring God rather than trying to perfect things ourselves or perform. 


God has created us to experience freedom in our identity and eternal worth in Him and to be able to experience joy in being and becoming healthy in a simple way that’s beautifully unique to each of us.

Say goodbye to:

  • Disheartening fatigue + regular tiredness

  • Overcomplicated diets + chore-like workout programs

  • Overwhelming schedules that leave you feeling drained

  • Feeling like your walk with God and healthy living are two separate things


Say hello to:

  • Experiencing abundant energy and stamina to feel present and spend time doing things that make you feel alive 

  • Managing stress and maintain calmness, even in difficult seasons

  • Simplifying wellness so that it is enjoyable and sustainable 

  • Enjoying a slower pace of life and maintain that margin to stay well

  • Confidently choosing whole foods that work for you and have freedom for good from chronic dieting

  • Experiencing deep and restorative sleep to wake up feeling refreshed each day

  • Regularly moving in a way that you look forward to rather than “workouts” you dread

  • Obtaining a basic understanding of the importance of using non-toxic products and how to transition with ease

This highly supportive, private coaching package includes:


  • 60-minute Initial Kickoff Session to set you up for success

  • 12 60-minute Sessions Total (bi-weekly) to help you stay on track and make long-lasting lifestyle changes

  • Unlimited email for questions + support within business hours

  • Healthy Living Welcome Gift with products from some of my favorite brands ($50 value)

Book your free consult TODAY!


45 minutes focused on you | $100 value

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