Freedom From Fatigue

a 6-month intensive, private 1:1 coaching

Get ready to:

  • Experience abundant energy and stamina to feel present and enjoy the things you love 

  • Gain the ability to manage stress and maintain calmness, even in difficult seasons

  • Simplify wellness so that it is enjoyable and sustainable rather than overwhelming + chore-like

  • Enjoy a slower pace of life and know how to maintain that margin to stay well

  • Confidently choose whole foods that work for you and have freedom for good from chronic dieting

  • Experience deep and restorative sleep to wake up feeling refreshed each day

  • Regularly move in a way that you look forward to rather than dread “workouts”

  • Healthy living strategies that you can take through the rest of your life

What you'll receive:

  • 1 hour goal planning kickoff session 

  • 2 (60 minute) sessions each month to help you stay on track and make long-lasting lifestyle changes

  • Healthy Living Welcome Gift (valued at $50)

    • Beautycounter product gift + samples (clean beauty + skincare for good self-care)

  • 6 20-minute laser coaching sessions upon request for when you are feeling stuck and in need of encouragement and help getting back on track

  • Unlimited email for questions + support within business hours

Book your complimentary Energy Breakthrough Session to learn more and get started today!


1 hour focused on you | $100 value, FREE