3 Tips to Start Sleeping Like a Baby Again

Hi, friend! I hope you are doing well and had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year too! :) Throughout the past few months, I know we've talked a lot about sleep. It's hard to overemphasize just how important quality, regenerative, and deep rest is for our health. God designed our bodies to undergo pretty magical processes every night that our head hits the pillow. But, in our culture today with late night dinners and snacking, tv shows and movies on instant access anytime, and cell phones that are practically attached to us more often than not, most people do not get consistent, quality sleep where their bodies are given the opportunity to experience the naturally restorative process of detoxification, hormone regulation, and much more that affect our every day energy, mood, and ultimately our longevity. Over the past few weeks with some time off, enjoying festive treats, and later nights, I've fallen off track some from a healthier routine and habits that provide the rejuvenation my body needs each day. If you have been feeling exhausted, maybe trying to lose weight, or trying to heal from something— physically, mentally, or emotionally— I want to invite you to begin incorporating these habits in your day alongside me. Just start with one to avoid overwhelm and increase sustainability. Remember, small hinges swing BIG doors. Even if these may seem too obvious or like they won't make that big of a difference, ask yourself, have I been doing these things? Imagine what you could feel like if you did these things for the next week, month, and beyond! Again, without QUALITY sleep consistently, it's hard to achieve any other health goals. We're going back to basics! :) 3 Tips to Start Sleeping Like a Baby Again: Eat your last meal and any snack at least 2 hours before sleep: In order for all of the magical detoxification and full-body rebooting to happen during sleep, you need deeper solid sleep. This means that you will want to give your body time to digest food before sleep or else late night food causes late night digestion which interferes with detoxification, deeper healing, and regulation of your hormones and neurotransmitters. Your hormones and neurotransmitters affect your appetite, emotional health, and mental health— which affects much else. Enjoy your last liquids before 7 or 7:30pm: This one is more simple. Haha! It definitely affects our sleep when we have to get up in the middle of the night, whether once or multiple times. Hydrate earlier in the day. Plan to enjoy your drink with dinner or hot tea right after dinner rather than right before bedtime. Drinking a hot beverage right after dinner will help with digestion too, which is a win win! I do recommend avoiding caffeine though as sleep and caffeine don't mix well. Unplug from all screens and technology at least 1 hour before bed: This may be the hardest to break… I'll speak for myself as I really like to watch multiple episodes of the Holiday Baking Challenge at night as of late. However, every morning I realize it's really not worth my sleep, energy levels, overall health and longevity, oh and mood! Even if it's watching just one episode tonight and then watching earlier the next night, your body will thank you. Friend, if you are looking for the extra support, accountability, and even more personalized action steps to make this habit change happen, I am here for you and would love to talk with you about how you can have that increased energy and feel your best! You are worth it!! I deeply desire for you to experience your best health and sustain it for more than just a cleanse or 14 day extreme workout challenge. Click here now to book your complimentary consultation with me! I can't wait to talk with you!! It's been such a great year having you here! I'm excited to begin 2021 together and continue cultivating what really matters in our health and our lives! Know that I'm cheering you on! :)


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