3 Ways To Enjoy a ‘No Guilt + Feel Great’ Thanksgiving

Hi, friend! I hope you are having a great week so far! I'm excited to continue sharing encouragement for how to stay healthy during your holidays without sacrificing anything! As I was thinking about Thanksgiving coming up and what I wanted to write to you, I was reminded of Thanksgivings of my past that were honestly pretty tough. I used to really battle with food, restricting myself from my favorite foods around the holidays which felt so pressuring and heavy. Then, I'd go super overboard with food as I'd breakdown and want to eat everything, feeling horrible on that side of the spectrum too. My stomach would hurt for days, I felt super uncomfortable in my clothes because of bloat from my gut being on overdrive, and internally so defeated… thinking how am I ever going to get out of this cycle? So, what does it look like to have fun with friends and family enjoying festive foods while feeling GOOD?! Today, I want to share with you some of the things I have learned that have TREMENDOUSLY helped me in healing from the dysfunctional mindset I had around food. I want to help you make peace with food and yourself so that you can truly ENJOY the holidays feeling calm and bright rather than feeling sluggish or overwhelmed around meals that should be life-giving! Let's dive in to 3 tips I have for you for a NO GUILT, FEEL GREAT Thanksgiving! :) 1. Eat for Energy— We want to enjoy our meal AND still feel energized afterwards, right? On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being starving and 10 being uncomfortably stuffed, aim for a 7 on the fullness scale to feel nourished and energized, satiated but not stuffed. This has helped me tune-in and actively listen to my body. Eating for energy has helped me continue to heal from those past habits to finish my meal at a place where I have enjoyed each bite and still feel energized afterwards rather than sluggish and sidelined for the rest of the day.

2. Don't Deprive— I care DEEPLY about encouraging you to steward and care for your bodies with the food that you are consuming each day. So, I definitely invite you to grab some of the greens, roasted veggies, or colorful salad available to you at Thanksgiving to make sure you're nourishing your body thoughtfully. In addition to that, I want to encourage you to give yourself permission to enjoy some of your favorite foods this special time of year! Maybe it's your grandmother's pumpkin pie, the dreamiest and creamiest mashed potatoes, or a heart-warming apple crumble! Back to the spectrum, we don't want to deprive ourselves or go too far with indulging to an unhealthy extent. What I've started telling myself when I'm having delectable cookies, pizza, you name it, is that “I can enjoy this in moderation because I'll get to have this again". It's helped me remember that I can eat a couple cookies and still feel great rather than eat the whole plate because I deprive myself and go crazy. So, breathe between bites, soak up the company of your loved ones, and get some of your favorite things while continuing to make nourishing choices to honor the body you've been given!

3. Savor Slowly— Okay, so this one has been a tough one for me as I have gone from being a world record speed eater in the past and ESPECIALLY vacuum-like when eating my favorite foods because I'm just so excited and want it all right nowww! Haha! But, I have learned that one of the very best things you can do when eating in general and especially eating richer foods is to savor each bite slowly. This HUGELY aids your digestive system, allowing you to feel much less bloated and avoid having other side effects post-meal. It will also help you maximize the choice you've made to enjoy this sweet or more indulgent dish by taking your time to relish in each bite. This fosters the development of a healthier relationship with food, where we are still mindfully in control rather than feeling like the food is controlling us.

If you can relate and find yourself struggling through the holidays with what and how to eat while still feeling your best and having fun, know that I am here to support you and help you implement new habits that will transform your holiday experience. Click here to schedule a free Breakthrough Session if you'd want to explore how you can get unstuck and enjoy healthy living in a simple way this holiday season and beyond! I hope you have such a fun and restful Thanksgiving to slow down and reflect on God's blessings and provisions even in a difficult year. Again, I'm so thankful for you and am always cheering you on! :)



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