But Really, Why is Water So Important?

Hi, friend! How are you checking in today? How would you describe the start to your week so far and how you're doing?

Today, I wanted to chat a little bit about the huge necessity of hydration and share some about how it affects us.

I think there is a disconnect for a lot of us between hearing or being told to drink more water but not understanding just how vital it is for vibrant health and really caring for our bodies well. Maybe you've seen someone before that carries around a gallon every day and thought to yourself, "that's just too much"! Or, maybe it's just been difficult to routinely drink and enjoy water after being accustomed to coffees, soft drinks, or sweetened things most of the time.

I think the most powerful motivator to help us sustain a new habit of hydrating more is the why behind why we are choosing to drink water.

Think about the body that you're in right now… it's such a gift from God! He designed you so beautifully with incredible complexity! When we can begin to think about healthy living and nourishing as stewardship, it changes things. And with that, God did design water and made it to be one of the cornerstone nutrients that our body needs to run well and function properly.

So, I'm going to share some of the amazing things that happen in our bodies when we drink water and hydrate regularly! But, I invite you to think about the main motivator and anchor for hydrating being out of gratitude and a choice to care for our bodies rather than a “have to” which is only going to keep us stuck or resisting what is good.

  1. Water helps to regulate your blood sugar. This helps to keep your energy levels consistent throughout the day and prevents dips in energy.

  2. Water helps with digestion and nutrient absorption. You may have heard, “You are what you eat” before. But, more accurate is actually, “You are what you absorb”. Even if you eat the healthiest meals in the world, if you aren't digesting and assimilating those nutrients well, some are going to waste and you won't be experiencing the full benefits. (Healthline)

  3. Water helps with cognitive functioning and mood! Dehydration definitely has an affect on fatigue and can cause you to feel pretty out of it. Also, “research shows that not drinking enough water can negatively impact your focus, alertness, and short-term memory”. (Healthline)

So, this is literally just a drop in the bucket of how important water is to us every day. Proper hydration is foundational for good health. Here is the article that I have referenced some if you'd like to read more about benefits of water.

I believe that healthy living should be simple, sustainable, and enjoyable! So, when it comes to drinking more water, let's make it fun! Get a fun new water bottle or glass. Try infusing with fresh fruit (strawberry cucumber, raspberry lemon, orange and lime… so many fun combinations).

Resources just for you...

  • Berkey Water Filter - We just got one of these and use it on the daily! It's so important to have pure water.

  • Non-Toxic Water Bottles - Stainless steel and glass water bottles are the way to go, as plastic has chemicals that can leach into your water.

  • Shop glass water bottles

To your health! I'm cheering you on,


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