How to Achieve Your Health Goals

Hi, friend!

I hope you are doing well and having a great day so far! However, if you may be feeling a little stuck or disheartened with not feeling like you're where you want to be with something, I just wanted to share some encouragement with you today and a little bit of what I've been thinking about lately!

All or nothing— that is the mentality that I've realized I have carried and defaulted to for many years of my life. As I have been stepping out with trying new things and working toward goals, I've noticed myself bumping up against this wall that has hindered me from making progress. It can feel so frustrating to have such a vision, dream, or important goal that we want to accomplish but feel like it's so tough to achieve. Maybe it's moving more to take care of your body, maybe it's fueling your body with healthier foods, maybe it's just slowing down to rest to allow your soul the refilling that it needs. I've felt like I've gone in cycles for awhile of envisioning myself meeting a goal and being in a new place, then feeling overwhelmed with how to get there, shutting down, feeling defeated, and guilting myself. Can you relate?

Today, in thinking more about that wall between me and my goals and that all-or-nothing mentality that has hindered me for quite some time, I've realized that the wall is normally the thought that my efforts in making progress just won't be good enough or that I'm not good enough to maintain or achieve the grandness of the vision I have— because what if I try and then humiliate myself? What if I try and find myself back here again at square one? Why try to be discouraged again? Isn't it easier to just stay put?

When I have wanted to run more, I would have this ideal in my head of “it has to be at least 15 minutes". When I got outside to run, I went for 7 minutes and basically told myself afterwards that it was nothing and that I failed. Or, when striving to eat more nutritiously for the week, maybe you've done well for a few days and then didn't so much one day to then discount all of the other days you intentionally DID make good decisions.

What I'm seeing and saying is that there seems to be such a DEEP need for more acknowledgement and celebration. Let's begin fostering that more and more together! Remember, even if it was 1% progress today, that one percent COUNTS. Those 1 percents over time are what add up to 5, 20, 50% improvement.

If you've been feeling like you've been running into that wall that has been in between you and the goal that you have had for yourself, I want to encourage you today to begin dissolving that wall by saying to yourself, I can take imperfect action (all action is imperfect anyway), I get to celebrate each win, and I'm proud of this thing today— whether it was a 7 minute run, a walk to the mailbox, purchasing a healthier dinner to honor your body, or making the bed— you accomplished something. Just as importantly, even if you did not choose to make the best decision, give yourself GRACE. It's the celebration of every single win and the grace we give ourselves of not taking a step some days that will keep that wall removed between us and the desires we have for ourselves. Yes, running for 30 minutes is a great goal. Choosing whole foods the majority of the time is a great goal. Keeping the whole house clean is a great goal. But, change takes time. Habit change takes time. We are getting there one step at a time, friend.

A favorite vlogger I watch, Cambria, says something like, “Giving ourselves grace is the strongest thing to do”. It's much more tempting or “easy” to beat ourselves up or tell ourselves “that wasn't good enough". But, strength comes when we are kind to ourselves and celebrate the things we have done. That EMPOWERS us to move forward!! No wall here anymore, right?!

Know that I'm cheering you on, friend! I'm here for you and celebrating you today!!

If you are looking for support and accountability to help you get where you'd like to go with your health goals, I'd love to chat with you! Book your free Energy Breakthrough Session here to uncover what has been stopping you from having the health you want and get a plan to get where you want to go! I can't wait to meet you.

To your health!


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