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How to Improve Your Gut Health + Why

Hi friend! How are you doing?!

Currently, I'm working on repairing and improving my gut health and wanted to share with you some of what I'm doing and just a bit about the importance of strong gut health for our overall health. :)

This is going to sound so funny, but I think it will stick!! So, a book called Food Pharmacy that I read was brilliant in helping describe gut health in a super bite-size (haha) way! Are you ready for a fun analogy?!

Picture the good bacteria in your gut as your "Lukes", as in Luke Skywalker, the good guys! These are the beneficial, immune-boosting, health preserving bacteria that we want to take over the galaxy… I mean, your gut! :)

The "Darths" are the bad bacteria that we are seeking to defeat and get rid of. They are the ones fed by sugar, greasy french fries, processed foods, and other unhealthy ingredients. Lots of inflammation and leaky gut occurs when Darth's army starts to take over the Lukes! Chronic inflammation leads to disease, so it's super important to rally our Lukes and eliminate the Darths!!

So, below is a list of some foods that you can keep in mind that will supply lots of needed resources to keep your Lukes strong and capturing all the command posts! Okay, I'm finished with nerding-out about Star Wars.


*Foods to eat for strengthening your gut health:

  • Fruits + veggies

  • Nuts + seeds

  • Chicken bone broth

  • Coconut probiotic yogurt

  • Sauerkraut

  • This one is a very new food for me! haha… but I've enjoyed the shredded beet sauerkraut mixed in with coleslaw or garnishing meals with it!

  • Kombucha

  • My favorite flavors: Humm brand in Strawberry Lemonade (SO good + smooth), GT Trilogy, Healthade in Pink Lady Apple.

*organic recommended whenever possible

Also, I wanted to share with you the probiotic that I have been taking that has been great: MegaSpore Probiotic.

Let's support our Lukes!!

Here's to better health!


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