The Importance of Using Clean Products for Your Health

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I hope you are doing well and having a great week so far! Today, I wanted to share with you some about the importance of switching to safer products for your health, which includes everything from food, beauty, skincare, cleaning products, and more.

It can be overwhelming to learn about just how many chemicals and harmful ingredients lurk in our products— even in the ones we think are “natural". But, every step we choose to take toward our best health adds up to a better quality of life, and I hope these tips will be helpful to start transforming your health and home, beginning with places like the stash in your bathroom, makeup bag, and beneath your kitchen sink!


Below is some key information from blogger Natalie of Tastes Lovely who gracefully explains what some of the main toxins are that we should be avoiding:

  • Teflon… (on your pans, bakeware, etc). The coating chips, you ingest it, and it disrupts your hormones and your health.

  • Parabens are a synthetic (manmade, not from nature) chemical that are used to preserve the shelf life of body and makeup products. It is a known endocrine disrupter and damages your health.

  • Sulfates are a synthetic (manmade, not from nature) chemical that are used to make things foam up and lather. You find it in soap, body wash, shampoo, etc. It has a ton of different names, but always has the word sulfate in there somewhere.

  • Aluminum is found in most deodorants and in a lot of cookware. Your body absorbs the aluminum, and research shows it can elevate your risk to cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more.

  • Fragrance is found in almost all bath, body, perfumes, household cleaners and cosmetics. The FDA does not require companies to disclose what they use in their “fragrance” so it can be protected as trade secret. To avoid listing out harmful chemicals used in a product on the ingredients label, a company will instead add it to their “fragrance” and not have to disclose it. If there is a reason a company wants to keep something a secret, it’s usually a sign they are hiding something. I only use products that use pure essential oils to add a scent to it.

  • Pesticides are harmful chemicals we spray on plants to kill weeds, prevent bugs from eating our food, and prevent rot and infection on our food crops. If it’s killing bugs and plants, what do you think it’s doing to our body when we eat it? This is why you want to always eat organic.

  • GMO food (Genetically Modified Organisms) are plants and food that have been scientifically altered. Usually this is to help it grow faster, have a longer shelf life, or resist disease. Much of our food is engineered to have the pesticide within it as it grows. Imagine how harmful this is to our body when we ingest it.

  • You can read more of Natalie's article here…


Over the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing with you some of my favorite non-toxic products that our family has switched to throughout the last year.

Here is a safer swap at a couple different price points to get started with today! Both of the products below are EWG Verified which is the cleanest you can get! You can look up how clean your current hand soap and other products are at the EWG's Skin Deep site.

Clean Hand Soaps:

  • Everyone Hand Soap: Meyer Lemon and Mandarin - My husband and I really like the scent of this soap and have one in our bathrooms + kitchen! They have other scents that sound lovely too, like apricot and vanilla, ruby grapefruit and more! $10.49 for a 3-count

  • Beautycounter Hand Wash in Citrus Mimosa - This one is a bit more spa-quality! I haven't tried it yet personally, but this formula is really nourishing as it has organic aloe, green tea, and calendula that ensure you maintain moisture while you wash. $26

To your health!


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